Pizza Burgers

What a concept! So this was my latest craving (and no I’m not pregnant).
Pizza + Burgers = PizzaBrurgers
PICTURE THIS: Two slices of pizza as your bread and the burger in the middle. Cheese and sauce oozing all over the burger…..I mentioned it to my husband as I was day dreaming about it. I was talking about it as if it were the coolest idea EVER and that nobody else had EVER thought about it! And then, of course, I had to tell my girlfriends about it too as we were on the way to this event. I was so fixated on trying this some day. Cut to…we walk in and lo and behold what are the two main items in the buffet?!?!? You guessed it, Pizza and Burgers!!!! My dreams were coming true!!!! Its as if i had just won the lotto! I was so excited!!!! Aaaand then I ate.

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