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Dish with Trish Chef Lionel Killens

Chef Lionel Killens made some tasty appetizers for some of the Deal or No Deal ladies cocktail party.
Make sure to visit him at Hamasaku in West LA.


Fitness Tips

A few fitness tips from our Fitness DVD available on

Healthy Tips


Try, try, try to get your workout in first thing in the morning.  You’ll feel better throughout the day.  Even if you can’t get a full workout in everyday then get in at least 30 minutes of walking.  Do some sort of workout.  Again, you will feel better…it will clear your mind and keep you motivated!  When you skip a workout it makes it that much easier to fall off the wagon.

Eat consistently throughout the day, smaller portions.  Don’t deprive yourself of your favorites, just don’t overindulge.  There are many healthy and yummy snacks as alternatives.  One of my favorites is FAGE Greek yogurt with Honey or sugar free Maple Syrup and cinnamon.  Sometimes I add raw oatmeal, Ground flax and bran cereal to the yogurt. If it’s a warm day and you’re in the mood for a frozen treat, mix some chopped up fresh fruit with the yogurt and chill in freezer for an hour…scoop like ice cream. ENJOY!!!


Dish With Trish: Healthy Breakfast

The most important meal of the day…start it out right with a healthy breakfast!!!
Oatmeal, Greek yogurt, ground flax, sugar free maple syrup or sweetener, coffee or skim milk, and cinnamon.

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