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Merry Christmas!!! HO HO HO!!!



Curry Sweet Potato Pizza

Curry Sweet Potato Pizza

A very different kind of pizza!!! It was so tasty!
I was at a birthday party recently that had the food catered. Everything was so unique. Nothing i had ever had before. Interesting combinations.
One of the other pizza’s they had was blackberry jam/Ricotta cheese. I had to try it. So glad i did!!!



Oatmeal Pancakes

Oatmeal Pancakes

So delicious and healthy! Pancakes made with oatmeal, egg whites, flax seed & cinnamon. Wish i could say i made them, but i didn’t. i just ate them!!! Hubby did all the work! He’s the best!!!


Ariana Savalas at Vibrato Grill Jazz

A short clip of Ariana Savalas performing at Vibrato Grill Jazz at the beginning of this year. Tonight i will be going back to Vibrato to close out the year with another one of her amazing performances.
I’ll be sure to post her new show with her new look!!!!

Kalo Mina!

Καλό μήνα!!! Kalo Mina!!! (Greek for “good month”). Happy 1st of the month!!!! May the rest of the month be just as good or even better than today!

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