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Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Throwback Thursday…stock photo of me modeling back in the day..eating the way i should have been then, but do now!

Cecconi’s West Hollywood





One of my favorite go to spots in LA is Cecconi’s, especially on a Monday night!  Fun crowd, very European feel, great terrace, bar, wood-burning oven and of course the most important…the food is delicious!!! 

 Some of my favorites…..

pizza with burrata cheese and white truffle (special)

ahi tuna tartare, avocado, chili & mint (so refreshing)

burrata, beets, avocado & pistachio (great combo)

grilled octopus, lemon, caper & olives (if you are not a fan this WILL change your mind)

Its open for breakfast, lunch & dinner!  If i could i would spend ALL day there!!!!

See ya there!!!


Greek Yogurt & Veggie Mix

Greek Yogurt & Veggie Mix

Tried something different! Greek Yogurt mixed with corn, oatmeal, capers, habanero chili peppers and string beans…so delicious! I like jalapenos better. Mixing that in next time!


George Foreman Grill Fail

George Foreman Grill Fail

#FlashbackFriday….my bachelorette days…I tried cooking scallops on a George Foreman grill. Not the best idea! They were chewy and rubbery. Definitely not edible.
Fast forward to today…I still can’t cook so I don’t….and I won’t. Safer for everyone! Trust me!


Healthy & Tasty

Healthy & Tasty

Yellowtail sashimi, seared tuna, pureed sweet potato and stringbeans

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