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Dish With Trish at Tapenade

One of my favorite things about Tapenade is they have 15 different versions of brussel sprouts. They change their menu out regularly so they rotate about 5 at a time.

Here are some of their options…

Original-sliced almonds/capers/parmesan/aged red wine vinegar

Thai-peanuts/mango/thai chili/spicy rice vinegar

Italian-capers/pine nuts/parmesan/aged balsamic/truffle oil

Spanish-chorizo/capers/manchego cheese/marcona almonds/sherry vinegar

French-hazelnuts/capers/chili/truffle oil/champagne vinegar

Mediterranean-raisins/walnuts-ginger/capers/port wine/parmesan

Mexican-jalapeno/cilantro/mango/crispy bacon/aged red wine vinegar/manchego


Cecconi’s West Hollywood

Monday nights at Cecconi’s are always a fun night! The food is always so good! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As of recently Tues. through Saturday from 4-7 they have a Happy Hour menu. Enjoy! I know i do!!!



Plan Check with Shaun O’Hara

Anytime Shaun O’Hara is in town we go to our favorite burger spot…Plan Check!



Blue Plate Taco

Taco Tuesday with friend and actor Paul Ben-Victor trying lobster tacos at Blue Plate Taco in Santa Monica! So delish!



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Upper West in Santa Monica

Dish With Trish at Upper West in Santa Monica


Michael Mina Restaurant Experience

Michael Mina restaurants are quite the amazing experience!  Loved the food & service! They have 20 restaurants nationwide.  I had dinner at the Las Vegas location in the Bellagio Hotel!


Maine Lobster Pot Pie Baby vegetables, Truffle-Lobster Cream

Rack of Lamb Special

Rack of Lamb Special


Ahi Tuna Hudson Valley Foie Gras, crispy potato, Chanterelle

shrimp tortellini shrimp tortellini hawaiian blue prawn, saffron rouille

Shrimp Tortellini Hawaiian Blue Prawn, Saffron Rouille

Ricotta cheese and honey dip
Ricotta cheese and honey dip

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