One of my favorite things about Tapenade is they have 15 different versions of brussel sprouts. They change their menu out regularly so they rotate about 5 at a time.

Here are some of their options…

Original-sliced almonds/capers/parmesan/aged red wine vinegar

Thai-peanuts/mango/thai chili/spicy rice vinegar

Italian-capers/pine nuts/parmesan/aged balsamic/truffle oil

Spanish-chorizo/capers/manchego cheese/marcona almonds/sherry vinegar

French-hazelnuts/capers/chili/truffle oil/champagne vinegar

Mediterranean-raisins/walnuts-ginger/capers/port wine/parmesan

Mexican-jalapeno/cilantro/mango/crispy bacon/aged red wine vinegar/manchego

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