The opening performance from the very special amaWolseley Marimbas, who have flown all the way from South Africa’s Witzenberg Valley. This is their first time out of South Africa.  The group consist of 8 young aspiring musicians, all selected not for their experience but for their natural rhythm. Listen to their incredible sound and meet a few of the marimbas here:

The band performed at Los Angeles Food & Wine thanks to Charles Banks, Founder of Terroir, who has multiple wineries participating in the festival. This past March, Charles had the amaWolseley Marimbas perform at his South African winery Fable Vineyards and it blew him away. He made the generous gesture to bring them to LA, and his sponsorship has helped garner much needed support for the program, allowing them to involve more children in the townships and expand to include African Dancing and Djembe drumming. Festival co-founder David Bernahl said, “Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival continues to celebrate the second-to-none culinary and cultural diversity that is LA. We see no better way to honor that eclectic electricity than a world class mash up of Grammy award winning artist Common and a group of ridiculously talented kids from the other side of the world.”

I was lucky enough to see them perform at the LA Food & Wine Fest!  What a special treat!!!!  Loved them!





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