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Ari Ya in West Hollywood

Ari Ya in West Hollywood

Sometimes it’s just nice to order takeout from my favorite sushi spot in West Hollywood! Nice quiet evening at home with good food, a glass of wine and my man!
Crab salad with jalapeño sauce,
Murakami roll (cucumber, tuna, crab, avocado),
California Roll (soy paper & brown rice),
Crispy rice with spicy tuna & avocado


Ari-ya sushi

Ari-ya sushi

Ari-ya is my favorite sushi spot in West hollywood! Love the Rainbow roll! The fish is fresh, big portions and reasonably priced. Another great dish is the Murakami Roll (which is a cucumber roll). So refreshing! I substitute the salmon for the tuna. Tastes even better. Other recommendations are the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño sauce, salmon carpaccio with citrus & olive oil sauce, crab salad with jalapeño sauce, baked crab hand roll and crispy rice. My personal preference is to substitute the seaweed for soy paper and to get brown rice instead of white.
Ok now I’m really hungry!

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