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Stout Burgers & Beers in Santa Monica

Dish With Trish is having a burger kind of day!

Stout’s Truffle Shuffle burger hit the spot along with sweet potato fries and a big giant pretzel (off the menu) served with our choice of 3 sauces: Horseradish (my favorite), Chipotle Ketchup, & Bell Spread.

After all that yumminess, the great thing was being able to walk it off and sight see while in Santa Monica. Location is in the heart of everything from the beach, 3rd St. Promenade, SM Pier and much much more!

TRUFFLE SHUFFLE (Sauteed Mushrooms / Brie / Truffle Aioli)

THE MORNING AFTER (Rosemary Bacon / Egg Over Easy / Aged Cheddar / Chipotle Ketchup)

Red WIne: Las Rocas, Bridlewood

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar Downtown LA

Our favorite burger place, Plan Check Kitchen + Bar has opened a third location in Downtown Los Angeles!!!
Happy Hour 3-6pm

Our menu included the following menu items. Some of the dishes are new to only this location. My favorite was the meat & potatoes! I could have easily had had a couple of rounds of that.

yuzukosho cocktail sauce

sriracha vinaigrette, avocado, puffed rice, black radish, yellow frisee, nori, garlic flowers

beef tallow, smoked salt, fresh ketchup

grilled porky belly, kimcheese, sprouting onion, gochujang bbq sauce, sesame salt, fried onions

beef short rib pot roast, cheesy tots, carmelized tomato, cauliflower puree, flaked wasabi

cooked to order, cream, fruit

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Dish with Trish


As a proud Greek girl from Chicago, I have always been very passionate about food!  I grew up watching my family make all of our food from scratch and run restaurants and bakeries from the ground up.  Everything from traditional cuisine to deep dish pizza and juicy burgers to high end sushi; food has been something that has always brought me together with my family and friends.  I thoroughly enjoy the process of preparing a meal at home, taking in the ambiance of a fancy restaurant, or letting loose at a backyard barbeque.  The experience that surrounds food is always what makes a meal the most memorable to me.  My favorite thing to do is to try something new and then spread that to as many people as I can, as quickly as possible!  This idea and finding those amazing places where a table of two can rapidly turn into a table of twenty is what helped inspire my passion project, “Dishwith Trish”, an entertainment piece that exposes all the food, culture and parts of life that people are missing for themselves.  It gives me the ability to spread the joy that I experience to others and give people an opportunity to open themselves up, becomfortable, and see what life can really bring with it!

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Plan Check with Shaun O’Hara

Anytime Shaun O’Hara is in town we go to our favorite burger spot…Plan Check!


PlanCheck Burgers & Tacos

PlanCheck is known for their burgers, regular and veggie.  I especially LOVE the mushroom/truffle/swiss burger.  I was craving it all day and had every intention of having one when i got there.  Walked in and sure enough they had something new on their menu, at least i had never seen it before, tuna tacos!!!!  

Love your burgers, but had to try the #tuna #tacos #Yum #JustAsGood

Image                                             Image


DWT: Plan Check with Shaun O’Hara

IMG_3101 IMG_3096 IMG_3105IMG_3099DWT: Plan Check with Shaun O'Hara

Dish with Trish:
Shaun O’Hara is currently an NFL Network Analyst.  He can be seen on Total Access and Playbook. He is a 3 time Pro-Bowler, All Pro and Super Bowl XLII Champion.
Any time Shaun is in town we go to one of his favorite spots for burgers…Plan Check!


Pizza Burgers

Pizza Burgers

What a concept! So this was my latest craving (and no I’m not pregnant).
Pizza + Burgers = PizzaBrurgers
PICTURE THIS: Two slices of pizza as your bread and the burger in the middle. Cheese and sauce oozing all over the burger…..I mentioned it to my husband as I was day dreaming about it. I was talking about it as if it were the coolest idea EVER and that nobody else had EVER thought about it! And then, of course, I had to tell my girlfriends about it too as we were on the way to this event. I was so fixated on trying this some day. Cut to…we walk in and lo and behold what are the two main items in the buffet?!?!? You guessed it, Pizza and Burgers!!!! My dreams were coming true!!!! Its as if i had just won the lotto! I was so excited!!!! Aaaand then I ate.


Plan Check Bar

Plan Check Bar

I love burgers and Plan Check has a pretty damn good one! I have never had an egg on top. What a concept!!!!
Can’t wait to go back and try the tuna burger. Heard its just as good, as well as the veggie burger.
This place is fairly new and has been a full house every time I go by!

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